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Minneapolis, summer 2013.


  1. Whoever created the Powderhorn 24 was completely insane.
  2. I really like that they change the colors of the Downtown East water fountain for July 4.
  3. It was kind of awesome to be there for the marriage equality rally on the day it passed. It’s impossible to describe the intensity that was in the air. (I realize this was in St. Paul, but #overit)
  4. The Secret City Arts thing was a little too obviously Minneapolis’ attempt to rival Northern Spark, which was held in Lowertown this time around. Which was better? I think it was a stalemate. 
  5. I love that Northeast Minneapolis has a parade for the sole purpose of celebrating Northeast. It’s so home-towny and cute, I didn’t even care that the whole thing was a train wreck.
  6. One of my favorite parts of walking to the bus stop for the 32 in the mornings was passing the flower shop at Monroe and Lowry. Somehow they manage to make cemetery flowers look cheery.
  7. And now, a moment of silence to mourn the death of the birthplace of the frozen pizza.

Cell phone photos and summer reminiscing from one of my many other blogs.